The holiday season is upon us; the biggest and brightest full moon for decades is now waning; and, President-Elect Trump continues to appoint cabinet members.

One of those appointments is Andrew Puzder, Trump’s nomination for Labor Secretary; insiders believe Puzder’s selection signals the end for the FLSA Overtime Rule – that article in SHRM.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer revealed earlier this week that more than 1 billion user accounts were hacked in 2013; a much larger hack than the highly publicized one  that took place a few months ago where 500 million user accounts were stolen – so much for transparency and cyber protection.  In light of the revelations, Business Insider lists several steps you can take to help protect your company.  Cyber attacks are increasing for small business owners, too.  Fortunately, Business News Daily published 13 Cyber Solutions for Small Business.  We included this story last week, but in light of the Yahoo revelation, we’ve decided to include the post this week, too.

CBS’ 60 Minutes recently aired a special report on ‘Drive By ADA ‘Access’ Lawsuits.  Our post on Rising  ADA Lawsuits includes links to the program, and to a brief interview with one of the law’s architects, as well as an article from Lexology about the expansion of these ADA lawsuits into new areas – like website access …

In HR, Inc’s 8 Things the Best Bosses Constantly Tell Employees contains helpful advice and tips that can improve your management success … After years of negotiation, HUD reversed it’s stance on PEOs, allowing FHA Mortgage Companies to Use PEO Services for the first time – a valuable new productivity resource.  If you are an FHA mortgage company, call us to see how our services can help you grow …

On Healthcare, a New Law Now Allows Small Businesses to Utilize HRAs (Health Reimbursement Accounts) for employee healthcare benefits – that story in SHRM … The IRS Has Resolved Mid-Year Safe Harbor Problems in retirement plans … and, a recent court ruling reveals that FMLA Does Not Equal Absolute Job Protection.  The court ruling sided with Airline officials who felt an employee abused FMLA provisions during an extended absence.  You’ll find a few helpful tips on applying FMLA in the post.

In Personal Productivity, Inc. posted an insightful video about Why Expanding Your Business Isn’t Always the Right Choice …  and Tim Ferriss’ brief video (1:40) Use This Lesson to Start 2017 with a Bang presents a significant performance secret champions use to improve their training – worth a quick listen … CNBC’s tax tip post, Give Now and Push Income to 2017 provides practical advice that will save you money this month.

Finally, in Trends, they’re here!  Amazon performed its first real drone delivery in the UK – just think this trend is going to create a visual pollution mess in the skies, and lead to legislation that will curb much of the practice (can you imagine a package falling on someone?) … soon, some creative entrepreneur will color drones red, shape them like sleighs, and stuff them with Santa and reindeer mannequins for holiday deliveries – mark my words, it’s coming.

Enjoy Your Weekend!