Happy New Year!

This week provided a steady stream of excellent 2016 reviews, including the Top 10 Best Recruiting Articles of 2016 … and, the Top 5 Risk Articles of 2016 – both from SHRM.

In HR, These 4 HR Issues are Causing the Most Lawsuits, from TLNT, proved popular; it provides insight into the kind of issues to which you need to pay attention in 2017 … Inc.’s Betsy Mikel posted a helpful article for small business owners with limited resources: 5 Overrated Office Perks Companies Should Kill in 2017 bucks the trend toward adding features to employee programs; the article highlights five perks that are truly counter-productive; and, can help you focus your employee investments elsewhere.

In our eESI library, you’ll find The DOL Issued a Final Disability Benefits Claims Process Ruling that clarifies your responsibilities as an employer; read this one to stay informed … and, also in our eESI library this week, a Judge has Blocked the Gender Transition and Abortion Non-Discrimination Provisions of the ACA this week – stay tuned on this one.  Until this one gets sorted, the administration is moving ahead with the other non-discrimination provisions of Obamacare.

In Personal Productivity, One Skill Will Increase Your Value 50% focuses on the immediate benefit public speaking skills can have on your career, according to well-known businessman, Warren Buffett – a good article, that is more than just talk.

And, it wouldn’t be New Years without a bevy of articles about resolutions and goal-setting … Here are four of the better ones this week: Entrepreneur’s 5 Simple Resolutions that will Make You Smarter, Happier, and More Confident is practical, useful, and relatively easy to apply; 10 Essential Practices You Need to Succeed in 2017, from Inc., is a ‘back to basics’ primer that sums up the findings of many different self-help articles I’ve reviewed this year.  This one is practical, tested, and useful; and, if you really want to get some deep help with your resolutions, then Inc.’s Amy Morin posted an article, 9 Strategies Therapists Use to Help Clients Stick to Their Goals, that may work well for you.  Take your pick from this week’s crop of resolution posts.

Here’s wishing you a happy and prosperous new year!