This week, the Department of Labor dropped the Obama-era FLSA OT salary threshold defense … a simple and helpful comparison of the GOP & ACA Healthcare bills … Amazon’s endgame … the one exercise that will truly keep you younger … and, a video about the ‘worst interview ever.’

The Department of Labor, under the supervision of new Labor Secretary Alex Acosta, dropped its defense of the ‘salary threshold’ established by the Obama administration.  Expect a new, lower threshold in coming months …  that story from eESI.

While we await the Senate’s version of a healthcare bill, SHRM put together a very simple, yet helpful comparison of the GOP House and Senate healthcare bills and the current ACA.

In Sales & Marketing, Entrepreneur presented the findings of recent research that reveals ‘3 Traits of the Best Salespeople’ – defined as those that consistently meet their quotas.  The post contains helpful information for any sales team.

In Personal Productivity, Inc. posted the ‘1 Daily Practice that Can Change Your Brain and Increase Your Success.’  The article presents research about the important of ‘mindfulness’ and offers practical steps to help readers apply the research findings to their own lives.

In Trends, The Verge posted ‘Amazon’s Vision of the Future’ – an article that reveals the ‘why’ and ‘how behind their recent purchase of Whole Foods, and their investment in drone technology.  The article, built upon a review of Amazon’s patents and sketches, shows you what Amazon is setting out to do, and how it will impact your city.

We’ve shared articles about recruiting in the past few weeks, but we’ll leave you today with what ‘not to do’ when conducting interviews.  Enjoy ‘The Worst Interview Ever.’