Donald Trump is off to a quick start, signing executive orders on a wide range of issues …

His first executive order was to roll back Obamacare … He then signed orders to withdraw the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership and freeze federal hiring … and, on Wednesday, he turned his attention to building the border wall with Mexico, halting Syrian Immigration, and defunding Sanctuary cities.

Now that Congress and the President have signaled their intentions to repeal Obamacare, all attention turns to its replacement.  No one, including the Republicans, it seems, knows what will happen, but SHRM’s post, How Trump’s Executive Order on ACA Could Afffect Employer Health Plans,’ provides some analysis that helps small business owners gain a better picture of the potential options that may affect their own health plans.

In HR, U.S. News published a story on the 5 Employee Benefits Trends in 2017 … and, SHRM  posted an in-depth article about 2017 Trends in Employment Screening that contains some detailed analysis of the types of issues companies now face – like screening of freelancers, removal of ‘ban the box’ questions, and the need for continual screening, among other things.  And, employment screening is not the only HR area to experience change; TLNT  thinks ‘Everything in HR is Changing This Year.  We’ll find out … and, if you want to know what other companies, and your competitors, are doing for their employees regarding health benefits, read eESI’s post ‘The 2016 Employer Health Benefits Annual Survey.‘ You’ll find out some important market information that may help you as you negotiate the health plan options this year.

In Sales & Marketing, Inc.’s sage writer, Geoffrey James, penned ‘5 Marketing Megatrends Every Salesperson Should Know About in 2017′ – an insightful piece that describes the demise of some traditional marketing methods, and proclaims the superiority of one approach, though he admits most companies that employ it do it wrong.  Find out which approach your company should be using in 2017 by reading his article.

In Leadership & Management, Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran shares ‘The One Trait All Incredible Leaders Have in Common,’ a brief video about what really is at the core of greatness.

In Productivity, Inc.’s Wanda Thibodeaux published an insightful article about the research behind body rhythms.  ‘Why Working in 90-Minute Intervals is Powerful for Your Body and Business‘ explains why you are sharper at certain times, and how to capitalize on the daily chemical processes that affect your ability to think and produce …  and, Entrepreneur posted a throwback video that contains some helpful information about 5 Ways to Handle Stress.  The information summarizes several other articles we posted in 2016, but it is organized, simple to grasp, and sound – worth a view if you sometimes feel overwhelmed.

In Trends, Mashable reported that Google Translate has now added Japanese to a list of languages that can be translated instantly by simply pointing your android smartphone at the text.  You can find the Google Translate app at the Google Play Store, of course … and, we all know robots are going to replace jobs in the future, but Fast Company’sBet You Didn’t See This Coming: 10 Jobs Robots Will Replace‘ presents a surprising list of tasks robots will soon perform that may take you by surprise.

Enjoy Your Weekend.