Well, December is here … things have calmed down a little since the election, and pundits have begun predicting what this new Trump administration will do.  One early focus is on healthcare … SHRM’s article, which we’ve re-titled ‘Trump Signals Major Changes to U.S. Healthcare with HHS Pick‘ gives you an advance look at what to expect for Obamacare.  Trump selected Georgia Representative Tom Price, also a surgeon and strong Obamacare critic for the post … Inc. published the 4 Best Healthcare Options for Small Business Owners – an excellent primer in this changing environment.

Also from SHRM this week, the Department of Labor appealed the FLSA Overtime Rule stay, leaving us to wonder When to Expect the Final Overtime Rule Decision; read the article and you’ll find out the most likely time frame, and the variables that can affect the final date.

In HR, tips on job hunting and candidate interviewing were big this week … Business Insider posted an informative video entitle The Perfect Resume – great content if you are re-tooling your own … and, if you should make it all the way to the final round of the interview process, you should review Inc.’s, 11 Mistakes People Always Make When Negotiating Salary. The article includes some clever tips from some of America’s most successful negotiators.

From the management side of things, TLNT’s Why We Ask These 5 Questions, and Why You Should, Too, and SHRM’s (that’s 3 this week from SHRM !) How Companies are Altering Benefits to Attract and Retain Talent provide tips to help you find, select, and keep the ‘right’ people.

Also in HR, the IRS Issued an Extension for Employers’ ACA Reporting to Individuals; the new March 2, 2017 date gives everyone an extra month to get things done.

In Productivity, 15 Grammar Tips to Make Yourself Smarter was a popular post; read it and improve your writing skills quickly … and Inc.’s How to Turn Stress into Motivation provides a simple, daily 10-minute writing exercise that will keep you focused, and provide an outlet to practice all those new grammar tips you will have just learned.

As the holiday season approaches, we’ll leave you with one of the most popular television ads in the United Kingdom this season … seems Mrs. Claus does more than we all knew …

Cheerio !