March is here … seems like the first two months of 2017 have gone by quickly.

Just a little over a month into his presidency, Donald Trump delivered a speech that won over many of his staunchest critics – even if just for a short time.  Business Insider’s article described it as ‘Presidential,’ and touched on all the important points – many were business related.  The speech confirmed that he intends to repeal and replace Obamacare; that his administration is working on tax reductions; and, that he is reducing regulations on business owners; growth, he constantly repeats, is his focus … Bloomberg zeroed in on what Trump’s call for a ‘border tax’ on imports actually means, and how Republicans in congress are responding.

Speaking about presidents … one of our most popular posts this week featured George W Bush and his paintings of soldiers – his way of ‘giving back, because he was honored to be their Commander in Chief.” You can read it here.

In HR, Inc. published the findings of a 75-year Harvard study on personal fulfillment, and found one thing stands out above everything else.  You can learn the key by reading the article here … SHRM posted an article about how companies can be Pet-Friendly – a trend among businesses trying to lure millennials …  Remote workers are another trend with businesses of all sizes.  By 2020, experts believe that 40% of Americans will be remote or freelance.  eESI’s I-9 Rules for Remote Workers will give you plenty of helpful information … and Fast Company’sDigital Nomad’s Guide to Working Anywhere on Earth‘ is a good resource for finding some of the best software and services available for remote work, or for managing remote workers.

In Leadership, Harvard Business Review published a brief article on What the Best Mentors Do – a highly popular post that reveals the things that work, and the things that will ruin a mentor relationship.

In Productivity, Lifehacker posted an article that can help you separate productivity from busyness.  Productive or Busy? 8 Ways to Tell gives you a list of questions that can expose your personal time-wasters.

Enjoy Your Weekend.