We are all involved in selling – ourselves, our services, our brand.  But every once in a while a sales approach rocks the foundations and screams for attention.  Ian Altman, author of ‘Same-Side Selling’ is such an author, and his sales techniques can grow any business – they are sound, wise, and true.  Join us for the CEO FORUM IN DENVER to hear Ian, and plan to be inspired – an eESI sponsored event.

And, if you can’t make the CEO FORUM today, here are a few key take-a-ways from Altman’s approach that can truly jump-start your own company.

Said noted author Daniel Pink, “Ian Altman and Quarles deliver a whole new world to selling.  They’re really onto something.”  Below are a few key highlights from today’s keynote speaker, original published by



Listen to find the problem

Listening and confirming what the customer has said in your words can help you get under the skin of the customer pain. Truthfully, a lot of customers will describe symptoms of their problem, not the problem itself. It’s in everyone’s interest to find the REAL problem. If a customer is coming to you to resource a product, be sure you understand the problem. You could well find yourself inheriting the a design problem, NOT a manufacturing issue.

Be realistic, don’t stretch too much

Customers are conditioned to push, stretch and pull you. They’re expecting THAT sales guy. By being realistic you’ll actually find your approach is probably quite refreshing and unexpected. This will often get customers feeling a little out-of-sorts as they don’t know whether to trust you or be suspicious. Active listening and problem solving will get them on the “trusting” side of the table.

If you can’t find a problem with alignment move on

When leads are few and far between and sales are thin on the ground, it’s easy to start seeing opportunities where they aren’t. Avoid the mirage effect that a sales drought can bring on. Is this a problem that you SHOULD be solving? Even if you initially think it is, don’t be afraid to go back the client and tell them. If you do this though, I’d suggest you tee them up with someone who can, otherwise you’ll squander trust. And who knows, they may have a problem you can solve right around the corner.

It’s all about mindset

Park the tactics and the strategies for a second and practice the mindset. Practicing the mindset will mean that the opportunities simply reveal themselves. Sure tactics and plans and scripts can help you get there, but it won’t be natural unless you adopt the Same-Side-Sales Mindset.

So, how does this compare with your approach? Are you picking sides, or are you finding alignment every time you talk to a prospect?

Remember, it’s ALL about Mindset…