Are you familiar with the old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?”

Well, some things never change.

While some employers may view workforce training programs as nothing more than the cost of doing business, a quality ongoing training program can actually be one of your business’s most important assets.

In her recent article for, The Negative Effects of a Lack of Training in the Workplace, Tina Amo highlights many of the risks that employers can avoid by providing their employees with adequate training. Amo tells us that proper training for managers and staff results in a happier, more productive workforce. Training also improves workplace safety and helps managers do their jobs better.

Further, appropriate and up-to-date training can help protect employers from employee lawsuits that can damage their business’s reputation and bottom line. According to the 2017 Hiscox Guide to Employee Lawsuits, 10.5% of U.S. companies had a chance of facing an employment discrimination-related lawsuit in 2016. And, the U.S. Department of Labor reports that U.S. employers spend nearly $1 billion weekly in direct worker’s compensation costs resulting from on-the-job injuries or illnesses.


From improving employee engagement and productivity to preventing injuries and costly lawsuits, workforce training plays a crucial role in business success.


The good news, as SHRM’s Dave Zielinski writes in Rise of New Consumer-Like Technologies Shakes Up Corporate Learning Market, is that it is now possible for businesses of any size to reduce their risks by taking advantage of a full range of training opportunities.

The even better news for eESI clients is that they can access a comprehensive range of online and on-site training solutions through our strategic partnership with one of the world’s leading providers of safety and HR training, BLR.


In this latest episode of the eESI podcast, we spoke with Steve McCready of BLR. BLR has been in the business of helping organizations of all sizes meet their training and compliance needs for over 20 years. And, they’ve partnered with eESI to provide our clients with access to their complete line of training services.

BLR’s training and compliance solutions include an incredible library of online training programs. eESI clients can also take advantage of BLR’s in-person training guides and materials, too. Plus, working together with your eESI risk management team and BLR, you can create a custom training program featuring online presentations, virtual reality demonstrations, and continual refresher and update courses.


As McCready explains in this podcast, continual training is critical not only to provide your employees with the tools they need to advance but also to ensure that your business stays up-to-date with local, state, and federal laws and regulations. To learn more about how BLR’s training solutions can be an asset for your company, get in touch with us here at eESI. Our compliance and training experts can help you assess your organization’s needs and recommend a customized suite of solutions.

Providing access to outstanding training support and assistance is just one more way that eESI makes your success our business.  Click here for a free download of our eESI Training Guide.  It will help you prepare to create your own effective training program, and provide you with a review of the more than 500 courses in our training program.