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eESI Week’s Best: Following this week’s tragedy in Las Vegas, we take a look at employer and employee rights when it comes to guns in the workplace. Plus, economic views are looking up and our tips for handling compliance issues.


Workplace Gun Policy … Laws, Compliance, and Best Practices …  

In the wake of the terrible attack in Las Vegas, many employers may be considering establishing or revising their rules regarding the possession of firearms on their property. Do you have the right to prohibit employees from bringing guns to the workplace?  What laws impact gun policy? What kind of policy will best protect your company from potential violence or compliance issues?  What are ‘parking lot’ laws?

The answers vary depending on your state’s laws.  Wherever you come down on the ‘gun rights’ issue, the policies you set should have nothing to do with politics.  Know the law, know your responsibilities, and design a workplace policy that makes sense.  

You can get help with developing a sound policy by reading these two articles: Guns allowed at work? 8 tips for employers from eESI (a single page brief), and Guns at the Workplace from the Practical Law Company.  


How’s the economy doing?

Things are looking up globally according to respondents to McKinsey & Company’s most recent survey of economic conditions. The research indicates that survey participants in developing economies are particularly optimistic with positive views outweighing negative ones.


On the home front, McKinsey’s Economic Conditions Snapshot for September 2017 reveals that optimism is at a 6-year high. The market is in the midst of a historic rise.  Though the hurricanes that impacted Texas and Florida will slow things down a bit; experts expect the surge to continue in 2018.  


Where millennials are moving.

For individuals looking to make a move and reap the benefits of an improving economy, Business Insider’s Tanza Loudenback points us to 10 places in the US where young people are happy, rents are affordable, and jobs are plentiful and 31 US cities where you don’t have to earn 6 figures to live well.


As Loundenback’s lists reveal, Texas is becoming an attractive place to set up camp for many millennials. In fact, the Dallas suburb of Frisco is now the fastest-growing city in the U.S. reports John Egan for CultureMap.


Are you in compliance?

What are your rights when OSHA arrives to inspect your workplace? Liza Nagele-Piazza tells us What to Do When an OSHA Inspector Knocks on Your Door in her October 4 article for SHRM. Meanwhile, SHRM’s Jeffery Rhodes shares a cautionary compliance tale with us this week in Court Awards $619,000 Against Verizon for FMLA Retaliation and Age Discrimination.  


Are you sure?

Gun policy in the workplace is just one ‘compliance’ issue that small business owners need to be concerned about, but there a host of others. 

If you aren’t sure of your business’s compliance status, we can help. At eESI our job is to make your job easier. Don’t wait until regulators come knocking to get your house in order. To get compliance help, just visit our website and request your free proposal.

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