Small Businesses Shouldn’t Give Up On Facebook Just Yet

TLDR: Facebook may have its faults but it is still one of the most powerful tools small business owners have at their disposal. A lot of recent focus in the media has been on how the social networking giant Facebook is losing a lot of its luster, and several studies have found that 70 percent […]

A Review Of Ways To Help Move A Negotiation Forward

TLDR: The goal of any negotiation is to reach agreement, but unfortunately the journey there is usually painful. There are a lot of reasons why a negotiation will suddenly break down. In many situations deal talks run into trouble because the two sides can’t agree on some detail but such situations occur more frequently when […]

Too Many Americans Can’t Pass This Financial Literacy Test

TLDR: Financial illiteracy poses a great threat to a workforce that increasingly barely knows how to save, let alone retire. Americans have done a lot to shore up their personal finances in recent years. For example, the latest Household Debt Service and Financial Obligation report form the Federal Reserve was released this month and it […]

Proposed Cybersecurity Rules Are Unfair To Some Small Businesses

TLDR: Trade groups testified before Congress this month regarding a new cybersecurity bill. Recently there has been a surge in the number of successful cyber-attacks on U.S. corporations. Unsurprisingly, consumers are growing more concerned about the security of their personal information in the digital world. Many companies are trying to get ahead of this developing […]

How Taxes Get In The Way Of Entrepreneurship

TLDR: Taxes create a wedge between what a new venture earns and what investors receive, boosting the hurdle rate that must be met in order to attract funding. Over the past year we’ve looked at several factors behind the long-term downtrend in business formation in America. Continuing on this subject, we today look at a […]

Digital Advertising Is Surging With A Growing Focus On Mobile

TLDR: Mobile will account for 72% of U.S. digital ad spend by 2019. Businesses continue to pour money into digital advertising. For example, in 2013 digital ad spend in the U.S. totaled just over $43 billion but eMarketer expects that figure to climb to nearly $60 billion by the end of this year. In fact, […]