Week’s Best – Sept 22 – Working in the Future | Hurricane Recovery News | Form I-9 | FMLA Limits

eESI Week’s Best: This week we take a look at how AI will change the jobs of the future and other employment trends. Plus, we share updates on post-hurricane recovery efforts and how small businesses can bounce back. We’ll also take a look at some of the HR topics that matter to you.


The Future of Work

What are the odds that a machine made these predictions?

This September’s McKinsey Quarterly is jam-packed with can’t miss advice and predictions including those found in the commentary, Getting Ready for the Future of Work.

What’s going on? McKinsey tells us that artificial intelligence is coming and humans will need to adapt. If we need a little help to embrace change, our AI friends will be there to help with “digital nudges.” Whatever you need to learn or do — in the future, there’s an app for that.


New realities: It’s not just McKinsey and Co. that sees an AI-filled future, Entrepreneur’s Gavin Finn says the time to embrace the power of AI is now in Why Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Will Be Important for Your Business.

New roles: Even if a machine doesn’t take your job in the future, it might decide whether to give you one. That the finding of SHRM’s Roy Maurer in Will Human Recruiting Survive in an AI Future?

Quoting Kevin Wheeler, of the Future of Talent Institute, Maurer writes, “About 90 percent of the tasks recruiters do will likely be automated in the years ahead.” Wheeler predicts that you may not be out of a job, but your job will definitely look different than it does today.  


Work and play collide: Technology has already changed the way many of us view our jobs, according a recent Gallup poll. Nate Dvorak, writing for the Gallup Blog, tells us that the ability to work remotely and stay in constant communication means that many employees never take a full vacation. You’ll find the details in his article, The Working Vacation.


After the Storms

After the physical devastation of hurricanes Harvey and Irma comes the economic wreckage. CNBC reports that Texas and Florida are already feeling the economic effects of these dual disasters. The total economic impact of this year’s hurricane season can’t be predicted yet, but some experts anticipate that the U.S. GDP will drop to 2.8%.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has said that 40% of small businesses don’t come back after a disaster such as a hurricane. How can your business be in the 60%?  CNBC’s Chris Morris offers five important tips in Hurricane Alert: 40 Percent of Small Businesses Never Recover From a Disaster.


HR Updates This Week


Time is up! As of September 18, employers must use the newly revised Form I-9 for all new hires or face penalties. Learn more about what has changed and where to find the forms you need in Roy Maurer’s article for SHRM, Time to Start Using New Form I-9.

Let’s Be Clear: The Family Medical Leave Act, conditional return to work, employer social media policies, and more were brought to the fore in a legal battle between a Florida employer and employee following the employee’s dismissal. We’ve broken down the details of this case for you in How Much FMLA Leave is Too Much?

The key takeaways from this imbroglio? Know the law, communicate with clarity, and never assume anything.


What does the future hold for pet selfies?

We knew you’d want to know. So we found this video. It was just named “best globally” by BestAdson TV:


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Career Opportunities

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